1. Thanks for the post – I’m the CEO of Skimbit, its always great to be mentioned on great blogs!

    Just to clarify though – Skimbit is a tool for collecting the results of your internet research, so you can compare, get feedback, and reach a consensus. Although it is a social tool, in the sense that it has the ability to collaborate to make a group decision, Skimbit’s strength is that its usefulness can be fully realised even if you are totally private… we like to call ourselves ‘just social enough’, because we are primarily a useful tool for managing your internet research, and have social aspects only where necessary.

    Anyway, thanks for the post!

  2. Alicia, thanks so much for the clarification and taking time to post.

    I’m afraid the headline was a bit “all eggs in one basket” as the links included a wide variety of very interesting sites/tools. Apologies.

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