• "It is important to know what kind of tracking exists as you might just be in a tight spot one day being asked to implement tracking of some sorts. While this isn't rocket science – going back and forth between your company, the tracking vendor and the client can quickly snowball hours into days."
  • "Addictomatic searches the best live sites on the web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images. It's the perfect tool to keep up with the hottest topics, perform ego searches and feed your addiction for what's up, what's now or what other people are feeding on.

    After you search, you can personalize your results dashboard by moving around the source boxes. When you're done, bookmark the page and keep coming back to your personalized results dashboard for that search."

  • "Culturally speaking, mobile phone companies look set to be the oil companies of the twenty-first century: vast, arrogant, lumbering businesses, that make money without even trying, and colonise virgin territories without much permission. Long before the Jont Orange horrors, there was the sickening O2 Wireless Festival (featuring a VIP platform, open only to O2 customers) and the invented Vodafone Live Music Awards, whose main award appears to be 'Best Live Return', thereby offering centre stage to some Richard Ashcroft tribute act known as The Verve."
  • "Orange RockCorps is about you giving back to your community. It is about transforming and rebuilding your local area.

    You give 4 hours of your time to your community, and you Get Given 1 ticket to a gig featuring the best acts around.

    You can't buy a ticket. You have to earn this ticket. Are you in?"

  • "My name is Jont… I am a singer-songwriter and Unlit is the night I’ve put on for the last ten years. Unlit is a mixture of a gig and party, free and open to anyone, which takes place in people’s houses around the world.

    I’ve teamed up with Orange to take the Unlit tour around Britain, because both Orange and I believe that good things happen when you bring people together. Orange are also providing the technical know-how and the tour support to get the Unlit message spread far and wide.

    At its heart Unlit is an hour long live music set where a handful of performers, chosen by me and the host, do a few songs (or poems, or raps, or classical pieces, or something totally different), all completely acoustical.

    Before and after the music it’s just a party, where the host takes a leap of faith that if they make the night a gift that is free and open to everyone people will come together and have a wicked time – and they do!"

  • Get Satisfaction is a direct connection between people and companies that fosters problem-solving, promotes sharing, and builds up relationships. Thousands of companies use this neutral space to support customers, exchange ideas, and get feedback about their products and services. Get Satisfaction is open, transparent, and free. You’re free to ask, free to answer, and free to start a new conversation. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate: companies, employees, customers — anyone with an opinion, an answer, or something to say.