Radio frequency shadowTurn your shadow into a radio frequency selector and volume control over at the Barbican whilst there’s still time. The interactive art installation, Frequency and Volume, by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at the Curve is on until 18 January and is definitely worth going to see and play with.

Lozano-Hemmer has used the entire length of the exhibition space to create a giant radio. Explained as follows in the guide blurb:

“…the space, participants’ shadows are cast on the wall. Monitored by a video tracking system, each shadow tunes in to a radio frequency, changing channels as it moves around the gallery. The outline of a projected shadow affects the tuning, while its size controls the volume, thus the human body becomes an antenna able to tune into different frequencies. The resulting sound environment is a continuously evolving composition created by multiple contributors.”

Still puzzled? Here is a video of the version Lozano-Hemmer created in 2003 at Laboratorio Alameda, Mexico.

Admission is free. More details here.