I’ve decided to trial putting a daily auto Delicious feed back on the site again to see what happens. I took this feature off the site earlier in the year, as often that would be the extent of the blog content, which didn’t seem a good thing.

I’d like your thoughts and feelings as to whether it works this time, if it’s useful or just adds clutter. I’ll aim where possible to add editorial comment, categories and tags like I’m doing here, to give context.

If it looks like it will get to the point where the majority of blog posts are just Delicious links I will once again take the feature off – before that happens!

So here are the things I book marked today (bit of a backlog by the looks of it):


  1. I think it’s OK however it may tend to clutter. I know people who get their Twitter posts directed to their blog. Now that IS annoying.

    What may be better is to advise those interested to subscribe to your delicious feed and then ge their delicious feed forwarded on to their RSS reader?

    Thats how I do it anyway.

    Interesting links nonetheless. I think as long as you update the blog enough then it won’t end up looking like link heaven as opposed to a blog.

    1. Thanks Will. I agree. This template seems to handle things well, so that helps – the bullet stars and good line spacing. The Delicious to RSS reader thing sounds a bit complicated, not sure how many of my readers use Delicious and/or an RSS reader – see this post yesterday about RSS. Though happy to be told otherwise.

      I’m going to give it a month.

      Can’t believe the Twitter thing btw! Now that would cause clutter.

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