Some folk like Scrabble, others Monopoly, some enjoy Snap, others relax over Chess. We each have games we enjoy and games we avoid like the plague. And it’s no different online. Many are puzzled by the popularity of Farmvillethe Facebook social game (although aren’t all games social?) that let’s you ‘farm with your friends’. You often hear the phrase ‘I just don’t get it’ when referencing the game, yet with 55,468,666 current active users it’s something many do ‘get’ and like.

Farmville is just one of a myriad of such interactive, casual games that you can play with others on the now humongous social network, so in case you thought it was something only some of your more annoying friends did to fill your news page here are some stats via All Facebook:

PS. Noted re. the map of ‘England’. The size of the population for the country is about right though (UK total was estimated at 61.8 million in 2009 by the Office for National Statistics).

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