When we talk about social media there is often a focus on what is happening in the UK and the US, but as the following presentations show, whilst London may be the Twitter capital of Europe and possibly the world, preferences, adoption and behaviour varies greatly from country to country. As the World of Tweets experiment shows we cannot make presumptions and there are many nuances to European usage, as Robin Grant pointed out earlier this year.

So here are a selection of really useful presentations on European social media trends, that may blow away a few sterotypes:

First up: spot which country uses the internet most socially in this presentation by Global Web Index

We then have the third Wave report by Universal McCann, and shows the changes and developments since the first report, whilst the research is global there is a lot of European data here.


  1. Kathryn, I have been looking at these studies in preparation for the training day in Madrid on Monday. I am struck by the mention in the first study of the use of social networking in Russia, and I think it’s interesting to compare this with the increase in church attendance there which has been shown in studies recently. Is this a reaction to the former days of prohibition of social contact, and a desire to connect in any way that is now available, not necessarily an increase in their disposable income?
    A lot to think about in both these studies. Timothy Jones

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