As some of you know, over the last week I’ve been experimenting with creating and running my own Facebook Page. One of the first things I did was to link my Twitter account to the page using the standard Twitter Facebook app, to test if this was a good use of the medium. Whilst I had a few comments on the Facebook Page to Tweets (and with only a few followers so far that’s not bad going), to my mind it just didn’t seem appropriate to post everything except @ replies to the Facebook Page, as the context is quite different and far less nuanced.

So what to do?

At first I tried modifying the standard Twitter/Facebook app to create a separate Tab where I hoped all Tweets would then go, hopefully without being repeated on the Wall. A bit of a black and white solution, but one worth testing. Whilst the app gave the appearence of this being possible, after some trial and error it turned out that no Tweets would appear on my separate Tab yet they would still keep appearing on the Wall. Switching off the option to post to the Wall, switched off the entire Twitter functionality!

So instead I’ve tried a new service called ifttt. ifttt stands for If This Then That. It allows you to create a set of instructions in a step-by-step manner to link content from different parts of the social web together. Or as they say it: “puts the internet to work for you”. Their first blog post explains things more.

An ifttt taskUsing ifttt I created a set of instructions that were more bespoke than the standard Twitter app (although I could have created exactly the same functionality if I’d wanted to). Rather than post all non-@ reply Tweets to my Facebook Page I instead created an instruction that creates a Link Post from Twitter for any Tweet of mine that contains a URL. That way you readers will get much less of my non-sensical Twitter chatter, and more of the stuff that’s interesting.

Well that’s the theory.

As ever your thoughts would be much appreciated. Particularly if you actually want/like the chatter ;-)


    1. Hi!
      Yes, I was posting to a Facebook Page rather than Profile. There are other tools that do this, but ifft allows quite a bit of modification as to how and what gets posted. However, I’ve now switched this off as even with the modifications it this kind of repeated content doesn’t work that well on Facebook Pages.

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