At least those are the findings of McCann Worldgroup’s global survey of 16-30 year-olds: The Truth About Youth.

‘What emerged from the findings was a view of the first truly global generation, fueled and empowered by technology and motivated by the same three fundamental needs: Commune (the need for connection, relationships, and community), Justice (the need for social or personal justice, to do what’s right, to be an activist), and Authenticity (the need to see things as they are). These motivations drive behaviors that transcend borders.’

McCann identified four areas from the research that were key for them to understanding this age group:

  • Technology as a fifth sense
  • The social economy has replaced the experience economy
  • Hunting for truth
  • Justice re-imagined

This chimes with much that has happened this year in many parts of the world, from the UK’s own student protests through to the Arab Spring and the more recent ‘Spanish Revolution‘.

Hat tip: We Are Social.