The other week I went to see friends’ WorkSnug at their brand new office. I’ve got to know founder Richard Leyland and the team from working out of the King’s Cross Hub – a co-working space and office which I’ve been a member of since 2009 and which I use about five to six days a month.

The joy of using co-working spaces is that you get to meet other sole-traders, start-ups and SMEs, share ideas, having those water-cooler moments that you can’t have as easily working from home and generally feel part of a wider community of people who work in a similar way to you.

What makes WorkSnug relevant to this is that they specialise helping you find the nearest place for you to open up your temporary desk or meeting room, via a website and mobile app.

As they explain:

Work has changed. It’s not a place we go, it’s a thing we do. For millions, the city is our office. WorkSnug is a tool that connects mobile workers to the nearest and best places to work in the major cities of the world.

The things that you generally want, or at least the things I look for when briefly setting up shop are:

  • A good wi-fi or internet connection
  • Somewhere to sit
  • Good coffee
  • Good environment to meet clients that gives the right impression
  • Good noise levels – my preference is for places that aren’t too loud
  • Somewhere where they don’t mind you settling in for more than an hour

It was for these reasons I ended up at the Hub, after using a variety of different cafes and spaces. Other people I know in London are members of the RSA, use the member area at the Royal Festival Hall, have joined Tech Hub near Old Street, use the nearest Starbucks or one of the growing numbers of co-working offices.

Whilst we might use different locations all these digital nomads have the same thing in common, their office is the contents of their bag or pocket. Not a room or building. Which is why San at WorkSnug seemed curious to know what was in my bag? Run VT:

PS. Yes, there is an irony that WorkSnug now have a physical office space ;-), but you’ll have to ask them about that.


  1. I took some photos of what I found one day in 1 pocket of and 1 bag within my backpack:

    To the above can usually be added (and not a total list, just major items): umbrella, diary, large notebook (or A4 or larger sketchbook), DSLR + wide angle zoom + telephoto zoom + polarising filter. When travelling, also my Mac, telephone & camera battery chargers. I had a box of business cards but ran out and need more.

  2. Brilliant Kathryn! Reminds me of the immortal line – in a Handbag??!! Oscar Wilde.
    Glad co working is going well for you – early pioneers know this is the future and what a comfortable & economically productive future it us. If ever you’re in Shropshire, you are more than welcome to come along and co work with us.

    1. A rather heavy handbag at that – probably big enough to have stowed Earnest that said.
      Just for the record, what’s the name of your co-working space, in case others are interested in popping along to find out more?

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