Fellow trainer Jon Worth and I have been working together to produce a new course in Facebook marketing for emarketeers, which duly launched this week. What’s surprising, considering the scale and popularity of the social network, is that there are few courses out there looking at this topic. We hope what we’ve put together will be useful, practical and hands on, taking a balanced (not evangelical) approach. Jon brings strong experience in implementing campaigns both practically and technically to compliment my more strategic side, so it should be a really good day’s course.

Following this training course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to strategically plan your Facebook campaign(s)
  • Understand the latest technical advances Facebook has to offer
  • Consider your Facebook Apps campaign and brief an agency/developer
  • Create, develop and manage successful Facebook Pages
  • Understand your Facebook Advertising options and challenges
  • Monitor and measure your Facebook campaign performance
  • Understand the privacy and legal issues around Facebook and your data

Here’s the course description:

Facebook Marketing Training Course
12 Mar 2012, Covent Garden, London

With 800 million users worldwide and more than 30 million users in the UK, chances are you are familiar with Facebook but are probably not using its full potential in your organisation or business.

The Emarketeers Facebook Marketing course takes a hands-on, practical approach, leading you through the stages in developing and implementing a Facebook campaign. The course also explains the strategic decisions you will need to take in order harness the full capability of the world’s largest social network.

This one day course, led by two industry experts, will use a combination of practical exercises, presentations and case studies, so that by the end of the day you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to excel at Facebook marketing.

Course Programme


  • How are individuals using Facebook, what are the latest trends?
  • What does Facebook have to offer for brands and organisations?
  • What are the key differences between features such as Profiles, Places, Groups and Pages?
  • What is Facebook good for and not good for?
  • Some of the challenges and legal issues in using Facebook for brands
  • How does Facebook fit into a wider social media and communications strategy?

Getting Up To Speed: A look at the latest changes and what they mean for brands

  • The Timeline and Ticker
  • Open Graph
  • “Frictionless sharing”
  • The latest Apps
  • Examples – who’s got it right; room for improvement?
  • Advantages and challenges

Introduction to Facebook Connect

  • What is Facebook Connect and what does it make possible?
  • Adding ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ buttons on your own website
  • Comment functions

Facebook Pages

  • What makes a successful Facebook Page? Examining examples and case studies
  • How to set up a page
  • How to bring in content from an external sources (RSS, iFrames)
  • Retention: growing a page vs. maintaining a page
  • How much content to produce? Content creation vs. content curation
  • Running competitions
  • Introduction to Edge Ranking. What does a ‘Like’ really mean?
  • Managing your pages – moderation, spam prevention, Facebook search
  • When and why to get an agency involved, what do you need to brief an agency?
  • Top do’s and don’ts

Facebook Apps

  • What are Facebook apps and what’s possible?
  • What is the Facebook API and what does that mean?
  • Case studies and examples
  • Briefing a developer or an agency
  • Top ten tips on what to do and what to avoid

Facebook Advertising

  • What advertising options are available
  • How to make a Facebook ad
  • Data and demographic targeting
  • Purpose of ad campaign – conversion into what?
  • A/B Testing and optimisation
  • FAQs: eg. to link to a Facebook Page or to your website? What click-through rate should we expect?
  • Examples and tips

Measuring and Monitoring

  • What can be measured and monitored?
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Measurement tools – what’s out there for free, what to look for when paying for a tool
  • Measuring success beyond your Facebook Page and ‘Likes’ – from web analytics to KPIs, thinking strategically about measuring success

Managing and Administrating Your Facebook Presence

  • The personal vs. professional grey area
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Resources and staffing
  • Costs and budgeting
  • When to get and agency involved; what to look for when searching for agencies; how to brief your agency

And if that isn’t enough… Further tactics and options

  • Sponsored Stories
  • Facebook Places and check-ins
  • Facebook credits
  • Facebook and ecommerce

More details and to book here

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