The video streams of each of theses sessions are now available to watch:

Join me for the Social Media Week London Fashion Day
Thursday 27th September 2012.

Photo: Some rights reserved by R Schofield

On Thursday 27 Sept from 9am-6:30pm I’m chairing Social Media Week London’s first Fashion Day, kindly supported by Nokia at the Sport, Entertainment & Cultural Hub @ Engine.

The day takes an in-depth look at the impact of social media on the fashion world. Taking it from the perspective of designers, journalists, and high street brands. Asking: ‘How is data shaping the business?’, ‘How are new social networks such as Pinterest, and Fancy influencing the industry?’

The day will be split in to four sessions focusing on different areas, starting with trends, followed by social media best practice. During a lunchtime break some of the UK’s leading fashion start-ups will showcase their wares and then after lunch, we’ll look at engagement and influence and finally, the social future of fashion.


9.30am – 11am: Data-Driven Fashion & the Death of Trends

The boom of Social networks and the enormous amount of easily accessed behavioral data, has the potential of turning the industry upside down.

Is this the end of fashion trendsetters dictating taste and style to the public? Now that data is easily accessed, can the public predict what will be in Vogue? Or Elle, or Grazia?

You can count on expert analysis, discussions and debates with plenty of opportunity for the audience to get involved.

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11.30am – 1pm: Best in Show: Who’s Rocking Social Fashion?

The undeniable speed and openness of social media has opened up new opportunities and presented dramatic new challenges to an industry that’s notoriously obsessed with VIPs and guest lists. Who was the social media Queen of London Fashion Week? Who was the villain?

Packed with tips and examples of best practice, join the debate and share your views on who’s rocking social media and who’s sucking at it.

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1pm-2pm – Lunchtime & Fashion Startup Showcase

Grab lunch from one of the fantastic local eateries while perusing some of the UK’s leading fashion start-ups. Want to exhibit at SMWLDN Fashion day for free? Fill out this form. Space is v. limited, so don’t hang around!

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2pm – 3.30pm: Are You Being Served? Influence, Engagement & Customer Service

From high street to haute couture, fashion conscious consumers are a demanding crowd and now thanks to social media they have the opportunity to shout about it. Who should companies be listening to? Is it the obvious: editors, fashion bloggers and trendsetters or are there different tribes? Can new influence tools like PeerIndex, Klout or KRED unlock these groups? How does a brand handle customer service when there are so many channels a consumer can use?

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4pm – 5.30pm: Tap Your Heels 3 Times: Dreaming of Fashion’s Social Future

The impact of social technology is only just being felt, as the full repercussions of a world where frictionless sharing is the norm, but this is just the start. As social technologies expand into the offline world and create links between the retail experience and the online world the possibilities are endless.

How will the next generation of more visual social networks and apps re-define the relationship between customers, designers and retailers? Does this spell the end of the catwalk?

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