Open data is data that anyone can access, use or share. Governments and public bodies have been some of the biggest publishers of open data so far, but anyone can publish data in this way. In fact many services and apps you use every day often rely on open data, such as apps for finding your way from A to B across a city, like Citymapper, which use open transport data.

As a business you might want to consider publishing open data (not just using open data) to allow other businesses to build on your technology platform, to improve supply chain management, or create transparency and greater trust over an area of your business.

Open data can also be used to change how a sector operates, helping consumers have wider choices. The UK’s new Open Banking standards¬† and open data APIs , which make it easier for customers to switch banks or use their data to compare financial services, show what’s possible.

The video below introduces a few more examples from across the world of how open data is making a difference.

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