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Good Energy, the sustainable electricity and gas supplier, have just had to tell customers some bad news. Their electricity prices will be increasing by 9 percent. No small sum, particularly with winter and dark nights drawing in. But whilst they won’t be alone in giving such news to electricity users it is interesting to note how they have communicated this information.

They’ve treated their customers as grown-ups. Continue reading…

This is a copy of a piece I’ve written for the December 2011 issue of Service Contractor [PDF page 14], the magazine of Professional Services Council in the United States. All links are at the end of the article.

On May 16, 2011, Jeremy Hunt, U.K. secretary of state for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, asked
citizens and those who work in fixed or mobile communications, television, radio, online publishing, video games, and other digital and creative content industries for responses to an open letter reviewing communications in the digital age. The open letter contained a series of questions aimed at gathering business and citizen ideas “to help frame the Government’s initial approach to deregulation and maximize the communications industry’s contribution to economic growth.”
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