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China and India rising

As one or two of you may have spotted I’ve been working on two events about doing business in India and China over the last few weeks for UKTI and Chinwag. It’s proving to be fascinating and the numbers in particular (as you would suspect) are simply mind blowing.

Like others I’m sure many of you have seen this video that is now in it’s third iteration:

But this simply scratches the surface. The exponential speed and size of the changes occuring make keeping on top of the data a job in itself. For example, internet usage in China is now at 298 million, up 42% in a year. In India the number of mobile phones in use is now 120 million up from 80 million in 2007.

McKinsey has a fascinating report on the structure of Indian society and how economic reforms have brought huge numbers of the population out of extreme poverty. It also has defined the middle classes there to be around 50 million, which in comparison to the rest of the population is a small percentage, but it is only just shy of the entire population of Italy.

The world is changing rapidly.