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Comment and a test – Peter Preston: New era? It’s all Huff and puff

Peter Preston: New era? It’s all Huff and puff | Media | The Observer.

Peter Preston analyses the Daily Beast.

Noted this down for reading yesterday, and only just got around to it. I certainly agree with Preston that the Beast is being over valued, particularly based on revenues last year for the Huffington Post. Whilst digital advertising isn’t expected to be as badly hit as other media, it none the less will not see the massive increases in growth made in previous years. The value of member bases / regular users has also still to be realised, for the best example of this look no further than Facebook.

So what was the test?

Press This screen shotThis post was created using “Press This” a WordPress plugin, that works a bit like a bookmarklet.

Press This automatically put the headline of Preston’s article into the subject box, which I then edited, and added the link and text into the main text box duly HTML’d. The category list and tagging box are also included within the pop-up interface, as is the ability to add an image or embed a video from an existing URL (although not from your computer). The screen shot was inserted afterwards by re-editing.

The only immediately obvious downside is that all the text needs to be hard coded, no WYSIWYG interface. That aside, it’s really rather good and I’m sure will come in very handy.

UPDATE: The tags I added didn’t appear in the published version from Press This, I may have omitted to press something though. Have re-added.

Are long johns back?

long johnsThanks to mild winters and associations with older generations it’s a garment that hasn’t been mentioned over the last few years, but dare I say, long johns in the UK are back? My anecdotal evidence for this is that I’ve heard the term used a few times over the last week in various circumstances, and of course it is rather cold.

But what evidence online can be found to back up this idea?

Type this garment into and you instantly, and unexpectedly, find that the AdWord competition over this phrase is fierce. Who would have thought there were so many retailers of this long legged, close fitting item?

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