BBC Innovation Labs 2007

This article originally appeared in March 2007 in NMK, whose server was damaged in a fire last year.


The BBC Innovation Labs have been much heralded by NMK, but what do we actually know about what happens if you’re lucky enough to go and what happens if your idea gets chosen? Kathryn Corrick spent time at the London Labs and spoke to Paola Kathuria and Frank Wales of Limitless Innovations to find out more.

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Twitter v SecondLife

Archive post, written 8 May 2007.


Everyone knows that everybody is twittering about Twitter these days.

From a marketing perspective this seems like quite a triumph. But what evidence is there for this and to what extent is is just twittering? Using some free tools I thought it might be rather fun to compare Second Life, the previous “most talked about” website in town, with Twitter to see what happened.
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