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Wither the Silver Surfer? Part II

Suw Charman-Anderson and I have been continuing our conversation over email on age related matters and the internet. The consequence being that I’ve typed enough words to consider putting them together into a blog post. Hope the following makes sense. It’s an adendum on this set of slides and reseach I did last year.

Suw is currently thinking about how things might be way in the future (circa 2025), and my part of the conversation has been about thinking around the current situation. The thoughts below are very much work in progress.


It goes without saying, that the general gist of the aging population and looking forward is that there will be an increase in both actual numbers of the 50+ age group will be a higher percentage of the population than currently. Indeed by 2020 it is expected that 50 percent of the population will be aged 50 and over. To extrapolate from the current circumstances and time it is important to clearly identify which age group we are discussing, how they are currently defined, and may be defined in the future.

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