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Event – Digital Business: India and China

Digital Business: India and China.

3 and 4 March 2009
Sadler’s Well, London
Prepare your business for the future with our two conferences on the 3rd and 4th of March, 2009.

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and Chinwag invite you to Digital Business: India and Digital Business: China, specifically designed for companies in the digital industry looking to do business in these emerging global markets…. More >>

The details of the events I mentioned yesterday. Do let me know if you’re interested in attending or would like a stand at either or both of the conferences.

Up coming event: Seriously Social – How to Beat Google

Hatip: Steve Moore.

Seriously Social – How to Beat Google

Hosted by Techlightenment
6.30pm, 29th January 2009
The Hub, Kings Cross, London, UK

Google don’t have a monopoly on groundbreaking approaches to online advertising. Indeed new techniques being pioneered by London based social media agency techlightenment are trumping Google in terms of cost per click (CPC), conversion rates and early stage reach.

If you would like to find out more about this pioneering social networking advertising join us at Seriously Social – How to Beat Google on the 29th January from 6.30pm at London swankiest new chalet The Hub at Kings Cross.

Techlightenment founders Gi Fernando and Ankur Shah and will make short presentations and take questions and if you will have an opportunity to meet the full techlightenment team over drinks and food.

We really hope you can join us!

The techlightenment team

To register:

Radio casts a shadow

Radio frequency shadowTurn your shadow into a radio frequency selector and volume control over at the Barbican whilst there’s still time. The interactive art installation, Frequency and Volume, by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at the Curve is on until 18 January and is definitely worth going to see and play with.

Lozano-Hemmer has used the entire length of the exhibition space to create a giant radio. Explained as follows in the guide blurb:

“…the space, participants’ shadows are cast on the wall. Monitored by a video tracking system, each shadow tunes in to a radio frequency, changing channels as it moves around the gallery. The outline of a projected shadow affects the tuning, while its size controls the volume, thus the human body becomes an antenna able to tune into different frequencies. The resulting sound environment is a continuously evolving composition created by multiple contributors.”

Still puzzled? Here is a video of the version Lozano-Hemmer created in 2003 at Laboratorio Alameda, Mexico.

Admission is free. More details here.

This looks good

Free, all day event in London for creatives:

Creative Juice
Creative companies and individuals based in London are being offered a unique opportunity to develop their business skills, gain a better understanding of how to put their creative skills to the best use of their businesses, and how to maximise the revenue derived from their talents.

Day includes:
* Brainstorming techniques
* Selling creativity workshop
* Social tools for creativity
* Managing the creative process
* Recruiting and retaining creatives
* Inspiration instigation – where ideas come from
* Advice on IP and contract law
* Management and leadership

More details here.