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Testing Facebook Pages to connect with people professionally

Kathryn's Facebook PageToday sees a personal foray into Facebook Pages. Yes, the deed is done and I’ve created my own branded page! It has a logo and everything!

It is an experiment, I hasten to add. Initiated, as I’ve begun to find that I know and meet people professionally that do not use Twitter or LinkedIn, which I have used up until now for business connections, in addition to this blog. This is particularly the case for those I meet in southern Europe where Facebook is the predominant social network.

As a fairly early adopter of Facebook my current ‘Friends’ range quite widely and I, like many people back in 2007, used it initially for business networking. Personal friends then joined and slowly it became for me a place for friends and not for business. Which hopefully means I try not to bore such lovely folk with my Twitter stream and work type conversations and information – unless it’s relevant to a wide number of people. Hence the launch of a Facebook Page as a way to manage the different parts of my online life – there will be cross-overs but fingers crossed that creating this page doesn’t come across as arrogant.

For those confused by Facebook’s terminology a Facebook Page is a fully public bit of functionality specifically set up for businesses, organisations, brands and public figures. Here are some examples. A standard Facebook Profile should not be used for business or organisational purposes. One of the main differences is that as a Page you cannot mutually connect with friends, people have to make a conscious decision to connect to you by ‘Liking’ your page. [Yet more confusing terminology there too, thanks FB.]

So, if you’d like to hear from me on a professional basis on Facebook please go and tick that ‘Like’ box on my page, and we’ll see what pans out.

And, generally I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.


Some folk like Scrabble, others Monopoly, some enjoy Snap, others relax over Chess. We each have games we enjoy and games we avoid like the plague. And it’s no different online. Many are puzzled by the popularity of Farmvillethe Facebook social game (although aren’t all games social?) that let’s you ‘farm with your friends’. You often hear the phrase ‘I just don’t get it’ when referencing the game, yet with 55,468,666 current active users it’s something many do ‘get’ and like.

Farmville is just one of a myriad of such interactive, casual games that you can play with others on the now humongous social network, so in case you thought it was something only some of your more annoying friends did to fill your news page here are some stats via All Facebook:

PS. Noted re. the map of ‘England’. The size of the population for the country is about right though (UK total was estimated at 61.8 million in 2009 by the Office for National Statistics).

Public training courses for May, June and July

A list of public courses I’m teaching over the next few months:

11 May – Social Media and Social Marketing, London
16 May – Social Media and Social Marketing, Manchester
18 May – Introducing LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook, London
20 May – Twitter for Business, London (half day)

1 June – Social Media and Social Marketing, London
2 June – Twitter for Business, London (half day)
29 June – Blogs and Blogging, London

1 July – Social Media & the Law, London
27 July – Social Media and Social Marketing, London
28 July – Twitter for Business, London (half day)