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How to deliver social impact with social media – a guide

Cover of Social by Social
Cover of Social by Social
Thought I’d bring your attention to a book and website that has just launched that could prove useful for you or or organisation if it’s thinking about social media.

Social by Social is ‘a practical guide to using new technologies to deliver social impact’. Supported by NESTA it has been put together by five highly experienced social entrepreneurs and reporters using social media in the UK. Their aim with the book (which you can order (£7.99), download for free as a PDF or read online) was to:

…help people in the public and third sectors do more good, by showing them the power of these technologies and how to access them. In the process, we hope we can also educate funders and policy workers about the huge shift of mindset and expectations needed to commission these projects successfully, to give the innovators more space to work.

Reading through, the advice and information given is as valid for corporate communications and businesses as it is for anyone in the third sector, individual or groups planning a campaign. Of particular note is the set of 38 initial propositions (or manifesto) for working in social media, which include advice such as:

1. Give up the illusion of control
2. People make technology matter

5. Go where people are

8. Learn to listen before you start talking

14. Start small

16. Keep it simple

Worth a read.

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How to post from Flickr to WordPress

BillT, originally uploaded by kcorrick.

Testing the Flickr to WordPress tool, which enables me to post a photo and words from Flickr to WordPress (or many other blogging platforms) without leaving Flickr.

I’m using a photo of Bill taken at his Puntcon in Cambridge last weekend, as you can see.

Here’s how
* Go to
* Select “Add blog”
* Follow the instructions.

To post a photo, once you’ve set up your blog account(s) in Flickr as laid out above:
* Go to the photo you wish to post
* Press the “Blog this” button above the photo
* Follow the instructions
It’s really that simple.

Now here’s me crossing my fingers that it’s worked! Tags and categories have to be added afterwards.

NOTE: Twitter users, you can also post from Flickr to Twitter using this same tool.