How to get Twitter on your desktop and mobile

I’m preparing for my Twitter for Business, eMarketeers course on Wednesday (11 December 2009) and have put together a list of desktop and mobile applications – below. If you have any additions, experiences or recommendations I’d love to hear, as not all uses, phones or desktops are the same.

Desktop applications
All suitable for PCs and Macs. * indicates that it’s also available as a mobile version
*Hootsuite – (via @simonianson)
*Mixero –
*Seesmic –
*Tweetdeck – Latest version (0.32.1) includes list management.

Twhirl –
*Twibble – (also has a mobile version)
Twitterific –

Tweetie (MAC ONLY) – Highly recommended by Mac/twitter users, @simonianson and @simonjjones.

Web clients – for when isn’t enough
Brizzly – Operates very much like a desktop application
Seesmic –

Mobile sites – using your mobile phone browser
Official Twitter mobile page –
Dabr, an open course, mobile site for using Twitter – (highly recommended, works on most web enabled phones with a browser pre-installed)

Mobile applications – for downloading, all require a ‘smart’ phone
Echofon –
Mixero (iPhone) –
Gravity (Nokia S60) –
Tweetie (iPhone) –
Tweetdeck (iPhone)
Twitterberry (BB)
Seesmic (BB + Android)
Swift (Android) – (via @pubstrat)
Twitterfon (Windows)
Twibble (Nokia, BB, SonyEricsson)
Twitdroid (Android) – (via @pubstrat)
Ubertwitter (BB) – (via @helenduffett)

Social media and the law: neat move by WordPress

I missed this when it was first announced but WordPress have recently joined forces with PicApp to offer users free access to premium images, such as those below.

What a sensible move. In doing so they have made a positive step towards solving the breach of copyright problem that plagues the web.

[picapp src=”1/0/3/1/Red_umbrella_amongst_24c5.jpg?adImageId=6196216&imageId=5065436″ width=”380″ height=”285″ /]

[picapp src=”3/2/8/4/Obama_Holds_Presidential_c50f.JPG?adImageId=6196328&imageId=6827587″ width=”500″ height=”246″ /]

PicApp stock images are categorised into two types – editorial and creative. The umbrella came from the creative category, and the Obama from the editorial section in which news, sport and entertainment photos can be found.
Pic App screen shot
To use the service simply enter a search term or keyword into PicApp and select the photo you wish to use. A dialogue box then appears helping you select the size and placement together with additional information about the photo and further related images. Copy the embed or image code and paste it into your blog post. See below:
Pic App embedding options

The service importantly solves two problems:

1. For bloggers, publishers and website owners – helps you find quality images easily to illustrate blog posts without breaching copyright or paying royalties. Therefore keeping them on the right side of the law. In the past I have used services such Stock Exchange royalty free photos, used my own photos or screen shots. Yet sometimes you want that newsy image or there are limits to those three options. PicApp claim to have over 20 million images. Whilst the bias seems to be towards the US this is a massive resource to add to the illustration tool box.

2. For photographers and copyright owners – a monitored distribution channel. PicApp claim they ensure copyright owners are paid for their valuable content. It would also seem that PicApp will enable photographers to join the service and monetize their photos in the future.

However, two complaints:

  1. Get rid (or make much smaller) the “Click on the PicApp images for more. Embed” element. It takes up too much space on smaller images.
  2. Resolve how the embed operates – as currently selecting an alignment or ‘wrap’ does not alter the code given and thus doesn’t enable very simple image functionality.

Testing how to embed SoundCloud files to WordPress

WordPress announced late last week that they are now supporting SoundCloud (the music file sharing site that’s a bit like Flickr). What’s great about this latest development is that it makes it easy to add and play podcasts, music or other audio files on your site easily. I thought I’d test things out to see how it works.

Step one: Select a file you’d like to embed onto your site from SoundCloud (for testing purposes I browsed the tracks area of the site). Press ‘Share’ and a pop-up will appear with a selection of places to share your file. Select WordPress.
Sharing in SoundCloud

Step two: Either copy the embed code, or press on the “customise” link:

Customising SoundCloud embed

Step three: Customise the colour of your embedded file.
Customising Sound Cloud

Step four: Finally copy and paste the special embed code if you have a hosted site (it uses square brackets) or the normal embed code if you self-host.


Here’s the embed I made earlier, music from Curtis Mayfield. Enjoy!

How to post from Flickr to WordPress

BillT, originally uploaded by kcorrick.

Testing the Flickr to WordPress tool, which enables me to post a photo and words from Flickr to WordPress (or many other blogging platforms) without leaving Flickr.

I’m using a photo of Bill taken at his Puntcon in Cambridge last weekend, as you can see.

Here’s how
* Go to
* Select “Add blog”
* Follow the instructions.

To post a photo, once you’ve set up your blog account(s) in Flickr as laid out above:
* Go to the photo you wish to post
* Press the “Blog this” button above the photo
* Follow the instructions
It’s really that simple.

Now here’s me crossing my fingers that it’s worked! Tags and categories have to be added afterwards.

NOTE: Twitter users, you can also post from Flickr to Twitter using this same tool.