New course: HR guide to social media

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Steve Bridger and I have launched a new course with Ark Training especially for HR and internal communications professionals looking at how social media is affecting their work and that of organisations.

An HR Guide to Social Media
29 July, 2010

The impact of social media and external relations is never far away from the news but how is it affecting internal communications and human resources? From the banal question of “Should I friend my boss on Facebook?” to bigger issues, such as the line between personal and professional communications and how to write a staff social media policy?

Both employers and employees need to be aware that the bar has moved.

The aim of this course is to help organisations understand this new landscape, the new challenges it brings and examine ways of understanding internal culture so that appropriate tactics and strategies can be implemented.

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Social media – its all about people and relationships

This post – Putting People at the Heart of your Social Media Strategy – and the presentation below by Steve Bridger on social media are, as ever, not only simply told but beautifully illustrated, and I would encourage you to take a read.

As I’ve probably said before, many of the areas Steve highlights for the third sector are also relevant to the rest of us. For example:

… ‘digital’, and all the new stuff that we call ‘social media’, isn’t really the point; relationships are the point. Same as it ever was.


Of particular importance is the role HR plays for managing and enabling change as part of a wider organisational strategy, which often gets forgotten in the excitement or panic of it all.

Social media isn’t something just for the marketing department, as Dell and more recently Eurostar and Nestle have found to their cost.

Whilst this may sound obvious, any consideration of social media needs to be done holistically across the entire company with the understanding that it creates the potential for two way communication. As well as an opportunity, this is a big challenge, and not one that is easily or instantly solved.

Steve – over to you…

How to: Governing social media at work

This is a wonderfully illustrated step-by-step guide around issues of social media governance by Fibonacci Design. It covers everything from the fears and benefits of social media through to thinking about creating policies. For anyone in the role of HR and communications this is really worth looking through.