Internal communications and social media at work (film)

“There is disconnect between how immersed and digitally connected employees are outside of the workplace, and how their internal communications are being delivered.” Say Red Sky Vision, who produced this thirteen minute film on social media at work.

“On the ground, employees are still posting printed communications on the water cooler when they can be engaged, led and informed via the latest digital channel”, they continue.

Whilst I don’t agree with all the talking heads in this video, it’s refreshing to see something beautifully produced for more senior and possibly C-level market rather than lots of jazzy ‘fun’ graphics. Look out for Rebecca Richmond from Melcrum, who makes some excellent points, and who understands what it means to implement social media in the work place.

However, at thirteen minutes I’d suggest it’s a little long for many attention spans?

New course: HR guide to social media

Woman holding help wanted sign

Steve Bridger and I have launched a new course with Ark Training especially for HR and internal communications professionals looking at how social media is affecting their work and that of organisations.

An HR Guide to Social Media
29 July, 2010

The impact of social media and external relations is never far away from the news but how is it affecting internal communications and human resources? From the banal question of “Should I friend my boss on Facebook?” to bigger issues, such as the line between personal and professional communications and how to write a staff social media policy?

Both employers and employees need to be aware that the bar has moved.

The aim of this course is to help organisations understand this new landscape, the new challenges it brings and examine ways of understanding internal culture so that appropriate tactics and strategies can be implemented.

For further details and to book here.