Something for the weekend: ‘Information wants to be free’

‘Information wants to be free’, famously observed Stewart Brand, way back in 1984. Goading a debate that still rages. Seemingly putting those who make money from content up against the internet’s utopians.

We see the arguments play out most days in one form or another, be it over newspaper paywalls, music downloads, Apple’s app store, and every time we watch a film at the cinema having first to view the clip about piracy. But, as Cory Doctorow argues, it’s worth understanding the full quote from which the snappier phrase has been grasped:
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European social media trends – not always what we expect

When we talk about social media there is often a focus on what is happening in the UK and the US, but as the following presentations show, whilst London may be the Twitter capital of Europe and possibly the world, preferences, adoption and behaviour varies greatly from country to country. As the World of Tweets experiment shows we cannot make presumptions and there are many nuances to European usage, as Robin Grant pointed out earlier this year.

So here are a selection of really useful presentations on European social media trends, that may blow away a few sterotypes:

First up: spot which country uses the internet most socially in this presentation by Global Web Index

We then have the third Wave report by Universal McCann, and shows the changes and developments since the first report, whilst the research is global there is a lot of European data here.