The return of Delicious links

I’ve decided to trial putting a daily auto Delicious feed back on the site again to see what happens. I took this feature off the site earlier in the year, as often that would be the extent of the blog content, which didn’t seem a good thing.

I’d like your thoughts and feelings as to whether it works this time, if it’s useful or just adds clutter. I’ll aim where possible to add editorial comment, categories and tags like I’m doing here, to give context.

If it looks like it will get to the point where the majority of blog posts are just Delicious links I will once again take the feature off – before that happens!

So here are the things I book marked today (bit of a backlog by the looks of it):

This week’s recommended reads

What I’ve been reading/viewing/listening to this week, hope you find it useful. I’m going to try and do this on a more regular basis. Let’s see how we go.
The Crowd Is Wise (When It’s Focused)
Steve Lohr, New York Times [free registration may be required]
An excellent article on how the right structures can really aid good crowdsourcing. Well worth reading.

Advertising will change forever
Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research writes in Advertising Age
Digital Spending Will Nearly Double in 5 Years, But Ad Budgets Won’t

Pew wireless internet study [PDF], HTML summary
More than half of Americans – 56% – have accessed the internet wirelessly on some device, such as a laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, or game console.

Wave 4: Power to the People
Universal McCann’s annual social media demographics and tracking report [PDF]

Managing beyond web 2.0
McKinsey Quarterly [free registration required]
Companies should prepare now for the day when Web 2.0 morphs into Web 3.0