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Habbo Hotel virtual world of choice for American Idol

‘American Idol’ Teams Up With Habbo For Virtual World |

Asked: Why not Second Life? An American Idol spokesperson responded:

“The biggest thing is we weren’t looking for an open universe; we wanted something controlled and safe. Also, Second Life is far older and skews towards men. Habbo is teens.” And Habbo’s research shows that one in three of its users are American Idol fans.

Not to mention the higher visitor numbers and traffic.

Up coming event: Seriously Social – How to Beat Google

Hatip: Steve Moore.

Seriously Social – How to Beat Google

Hosted by Techlightenment
6.30pm, 29th January 2009
The Hub, Kings Cross, London, UK

Google don’t have a monopoly on groundbreaking approaches to online advertising. Indeed new techniques being pioneered by London based social media agency techlightenment are trumping Google in terms of cost per click (CPC), conversion rates and early stage reach.

If you would like to find out more about this pioneering social networking advertising join us at Seriously Social – How to Beat Google on the 29th January from 6.30pm at London swankiest new chalet The Hub at Kings Cross.

Techlightenment founders Gi Fernando and Ankur Shah and will make short presentations and take questions and if you will have an opportunity to meet the full techlightenment team over drinks and food.

We really hope you can join us!

The techlightenment team

To register:


Even though it was months ago, Smile have just emailed their customers to apologise for an external link they inserted into a customer promotional email, admitting that it wasn’t in line with their own strict online guidelines. It’s for this sense of responsibility, transparency, honesty and good communication skills that customers love Smile.

Other brands, particularly banks, take note.

Hello XX XXXX,

Back in September we told you about the exciting new benefits….

….We’d also like to say sorry for the September email, as it contained a link to an external web address asking for your personal details. While this external website was safe and secure and hosted by our friends at Lifestyle Services Group, we’ve realised that this sort of practice is not in line with our customer promise to you. So we’re sorry if it worried you and we promise not to do it again.

We wish you a happy new year.