Testing how to embed SoundCloud files to WordPress

WordPress announced late last week that they are now supporting SoundCloud (the music file sharing site that’s a bit like Flickr). What’s great about this latest development is that it makes it easy to add and play podcasts, music or other audio files on your site easily. I thought I’d test things out to see how it works.

Step one: Select a file you’d like to embed onto your site from SoundCloud (for testing purposes I browsed the tracks area of the site). Press ‘Share’ and a pop-up will appear with a selection of places to share your file. Select WordPress.
Sharing in SoundCloud

Step two: Either copy the embed code, or press on the “customise” link:

Customising SoundCloud embed

Step three: Customise the colour of your embedded file.
Customising Sound Cloud

Step four: Finally copy and paste the special WordPress.com embed code if you have a hosted site (it uses square brackets) or the normal embed code if you self-host.


Here’s the embed I made earlier, music from Curtis Mayfield. Enjoy!

FWD>> Come to Brussels and demand sound copyright

A message from the folks at Open Rights Group regarding Sound Copyright:

The European Parliament is set to vote on whether to double the term of copyright in sound recordings. Sound Copyright invites you to register your concern at an event on the proposed Term Extension Directive, on Tuesday 27 January 2009 in the European Parliament in Brussels.

This flawed Directive has been unanimously condemned by Europe’s leading intellectual property research centres. The European Parliament must address the mounting concerns of consumer groups and copyright users if they want a modern, workable intellectual property policy. Please, if you can, come to Brussels and register your concern. If you can’t make it, please invite your MEP to attend on your behalf.

Looking forward to seeing you in Brussels,

Becky Hogge
Executive Director, Open Rights Group

And if you can’t go?
ORG suggests:

For more on how copyright term extension in sound recordings works view this video.