New project aims to map Open Data around the world

A broad coalition of stakeholders have launched, a new project to keep track of open data initiatives around the world.

The alpha version of the project launched on 30 June 2011 at the Open Knowledge Foundation’s* annual conference in Berlin, with the aim to be ‘the most comprehensive list of open data catalogs in the world’. The reason for the initiative is explained in their press release as follows:
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Beginners guide to Where Does My Money Go?

As some of you know I’m working with the Open Knowledge Foundation at the moment on their Where Does My Money Go? project. The project is trying to make UK government finances much easier to explore and understand (no mean feat!) – so you can see where every pound of your taxes gets spent.

Over the last few months the team has been updating the look and feel of the site, adding new visualisations, as well as doing a lot of work on adding new datasets and making them more accessible. To introduce the site to first timers myself and Daniel Dietrich put together the following screencast, which we hope might be the first of a short series showing different aspects of the site.