How to post from Flickr to WordPress

BillT, originally uploaded by kcorrick.

Testing the Flickr to WordPress tool, which enables me to post a photo and words from Flickr to WordPress (or many other blogging platforms) without leaving Flickr.

I’m using a photo of Bill taken at his Puntcon in Cambridge last weekend, as you can see.

Here’s how
* Go to
* Select “Add blog”
* Follow the instructions.

To post a photo, once you’ve set up your blog account(s) in Flickr as laid out above:
* Go to the photo you wish to post
* Press the “Blog this” button above the photo
* Follow the instructions
It’s really that simple.

Now here’s me crossing my fingers that it’s worked! Tags and categories have to be added afterwards.

NOTE: Twitter users, you can also post from Flickr to Twitter using this same tool.