Twitter now claim to have about 200 million accounts

In their first email of 2011 to users Twitter’s @biz, @jack and @ev are claiming that there are now ‘about 200 million accounts’ on the service. The last update was September where Evan Williams revealed there were 145 million registered Twitter users. Normally this would be something I’d just Tweet out with a link to the original source, but interestingly the email had no link to a copy online or a link to the announcement of the new figures.

Researching the figures to see if they had been referenced else where, I discovered that an announcement of some sort seems to have been made around the 20 January. However, trying to find an original quoted source is difficult. The Twitter blog does not contain an update of account and usage figures, and this Forbes blog post about the figure, only references being told by the Twitter spokesperson Carolyn Penner – nothing in writing or linked/referred to. So here is the email in full below, as a primary source, if you spot another do let me know:

Happy New Year,

Our resolution is to help you get the most of out of Twitter this year. To start, we thought we’d send this note with four simple suggestions. Come on by our web site to try these out anytime!

1) Follow your interests. We’ve found that the people who enjoy Twitter most tend to follow a variety of accounts: friends, family, people in their profession, local shops and events, and most importantly, people who share their passions.

2) Get specific. Like sports? Follow your favorite leagues, teams, players, coaches, commentators, writers and fellow fans. Love food? Follow chefs, restaurants, critics, bloggers, specialty shops and respected foodies.

3) Don’t panic. People turn to Twitter during emergencies. Snowstorms, power outages and fires are just a few emergencies where Twitter may be helpful. Search for #hashtags and follow local civic accounts to stay informed.

4) Return to Twitter. There are about 200 million accounts on Twitter now – that means new interests, new voices, and new ideas every day. We offer services in seven languages, apps for most devices, and SMS worldwide.

Thanks for being part of Twitter,

@Biz, @Ev, & @Jack
Co-founders, Twitter