Newsletter launched

Following on from yesterday’s post on email newsletter software I’ve tried to be as good as my word and give Mail Chimp a whirl. The result is that you can now subscribe here.

There were a few teething problems in registering, as quite rightly Mail Chimp wanted me to register for the service using a domain email (eg. not gmail, hotmail, yahoo). Unfortunately this wasn’t made clear on the page until I went over to using IE8, where happily everything worked. Thankfully IE8 has not been essential since.

It’s then been a step-by-step process of setting up a list and designing the different pages for subscribe, unsubscribe, thankyou etc. which is all been incredibly straightforward, once you get used to the editing tools. There’s lots of help and videos to take you through what to do.

I’ve decided to host all the pages on Mail Chimp’s site for now as that keeps things simple. So do sign up and let’s see where this takes us.

I’m planning the first newsletter in a few weeks, so expect a post on how the service works in putting a newsletter together.

More soon.