How information of the Japanese earthquake spread on Twitter

These videos display how information of the Japanese earthquake spread across Twitter in the first hour after the quake. They were released by Twitter on 29 June 2011.

Twitter state that they saw a 500% increase in Tweets from Japan as, “people reached out to friends, family and loved ones in the moments after the March 2011 earthquake”.
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A very rough history of tech driven social networks

Working on a two day course on Social Networks and Business today and thought the following bit of collated research might be of interest.

Thanks must go to @barstep for the reminder of Amateur Radio, but please do add further suggestions in the comments as this isn’t very complete and is of a length to fit on a Power Point slide. Dates are via Wikipedia, and so thoroughly contestable, but the point I’m trying to show in the course is that technology driven social networks are older than you may think.

A very rough history of technology driven social networks

1900s: Amateur (Ham) Radio
1940s: Citizen Broadcast (CB) Radio
1960s: Origins of the internet (a system of computer networks)
1979: Usenet (a message board system)
1980s: Message boards, Compuserve
1989: Beginnings of the WWW
1993: CERN makes the web free, launch of the Mosaic browser
1994: First blogs appear, launch of Geocities
1996: Classmates– one of the first recognisable social networks
1998: Yahoo! Groups launches
1999: The blogging platforms Live Journal and Blogger launch
2000: Friends Reunited and DeviantArt launch
2003: WAYN, LinkedIn and MySpace launch
2004: Flickr, Orkut, Tagged and Facebook launch
2005: Bebo and Ning launch
2006: Twitter

UPDATE 27/09/2009: Via Alessandro Piana Bianco
– (1997)
– (1999)
– (2004)

UPDATE 28/09/2009: I of course forgot to mention…
2003: Second Life
2005: YouTube