Young people today are connected, global and desire justice and authenticity

At least those are the findings of McCann Worldgroup’s global survey of 16-30 year-olds: The Truth About Youth.

‘What emerged from the findings was a view of the first truly global generation, fueled and empowered by technology and motivated by the same three fundamental needs: Commune (the need for connection, relationships, and community), Justice (the need for social or personal justice, to do what’s right, to be an activist), and Authenticity (the need to see things as they are). These motivations drive behaviors that transcend borders.’

McCann identified four areas from the research that were key for them to understanding this age group:
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The scale of the internet and social media

This is a lovely new statistics video from Jesse Thomas (aka Jess3 of It was produced for a lecture by Jess3 at Stevenson University. What I particularly like is that video is not too US centric and looks at the internet from a more global perspective in comparison with other similar videos.

[Viewers should note, that the figure for Facebook active users has already increased to 400 million.]

FYI. I’d love to work with someone on a UK or European version. I’m also in the process of trying to find the results of the survey mentioned on the BBC programme Virtual Revolution of UK internet and social media usage, which seems to be absent from the website, or at least difficult to find.

UPDATE: via Aleks Krotoski (@aleksk) – @kcorrick not on website, results are still being processed. those reported in Virtual Revolution were from pilot study #bbcrevolution