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A course in spreading the word: version II

A good time was had by all last week in the two day course on viral/spreadable marketing held at the Stephen Lawrence Centre, London for Ravensbourne College of Communication and Design.

I have to particularly thank Gavin Williams (or @wineoftheweek as he’s known on Twitter) from Classic Wine Direct, who came to speak to the class on Friday afternoon and help with the judging of the final team pitches. His talk really helped bring to life how an SME can use social media effectively to launch a product, service or company and gave insights into the importance of passion and personality in brand identity.

The presentation below represents the structure and main parts to the course, but it should be emphasised that a lot of discussion and work in groups also forms a large part of the course content.

Note: Version I of this course can be viewed here.

Social media training course

I’m working with the training organisation emarketeers on a one day Social Media and Social Marketing course that will be held in July, September and November this year.

Emarketeers’ courses are always done in small groups of around 6-12 people, so you get lots of attention, and they use a wonderful, airy, purpose-designed training centre in Covent Garden, London. They’ve been operating training courses in digital marketing since 2006 and have quite a following of fans

The course is aimed at how businesses and brands should approach social media and how it can be used within marketing, PR, customer services and product development. The aim is to make it very practical and fairly hands on. It is designed to be suitable for sole-traders through to large organisations, account managers to brand managers.

More details here.

A course in spreading the word

UPDATE: Version II of this course can now be viewed here.

This weekend I’ve had a highly enjoyable time teaching a course in ‘viral’ marketing for Ravensbourne College of Communication and Design. The enjoyment came from teaching a fabulous group of people who’d never met before but who, by the end of Day Two, were the best of colleagues putting the final touches to their brand campaign exercise.

During the weekend we went beyond video virals and tackled how the term ‘viral’ marketing is more a strategy and way of doing marketing than a type of marketing in it’s own right; and looked across heaps of case studies and examples.

Below are the two PPTs used as a basis of the course:

DAY 1:

DAY 2: